Monday, September 3, 2012

We Eat A Lot

CodeMonkey has started working now, so we moved into the hotel room his company got for us. T's way nicer than anything I've stayed in before, and I'm tickled.

CodeMonkey is working in the Petronas Twin Towers. They're absolutely gorgeous, but every time someone calls them "The Twin Towers" my Inner American twitches. We visited the shopping mall on the lower levels last night. Sine foreign tourists often go to Malaysia to shop, salesmen kept trying to catch my attention while ignoring CodeMonkey. It was funny.

Before we checked into the hotel yesterday, we went to another outdoor food court for mee hoon kueh. These are strips of noodle dough dropped into a pot of boiling anchovy stock. Once the noodles cook, vegetables are added and more dried anchovies sprinkled on top. I loved the noodles and tolerated the anchovies. My FIL says it's a traditional Fujianese dish. Most Chinese Malaysians' ancestors were Fujianese and today Chinese Malaysians speak Fujianese/Hokkein, which is very different from the more well known Mandarin and Cantonese.

We ate lunch in the hotel's cafe yesterday. I was craving familiar food and had a burger, which was distinctly lackluster. I'd be disappointed, but I guess it's my fault for being in Kuala Lumpur and ordering a cheeseburger.

For a snack we ordered toast with kaya. CodeMonkey says this is a very Malaysian thing. You spread kaya, which is this jam made of coconut milk and eggs on slices of toasted white bread. The kaya is delicious; the texture reminds me of dulce de leche. My MIL says it keeps badly so we can't bring any home, but I'm hoping to try my hand at making it some time.

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