Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back Home

We're back from Malaysia! We have been for several days, actually. Somewhere in Malaysia, my cold transformed from a mild sniffle into full-on "I AM DYING OF CONSUMPTION" style coughing. Apologies to anyone on the plane with me from Dubai to New York the other day. I spent the ride clinging to CodeMonkey while hacking away, probably making every other passenger on the plane hate me.

The cough is problematic for a number of reasons:

1. I no longer sleep. I'm waking up coughing multiple times a night.
2. CodeMonkey is no longer sleeping. (See above.)
3. My entire torso hurts, so I've stopped eating. I sense this is counter productive in the long run.
4. I think I'm distracting all my coworkers and worrying upper management.

The one consolation is that it's way nicer to miserable and ill on my own lovely, squishy mattress than on the rock-hard sorry excuse for a mattress they had at the hotel. My FIL says hard mattresses are good for the spine, but I'm skeptical.

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