Saturday, July 27, 2013

Around the Neighborhood

Yesterday CodeMonkey had to work late, so I took myself out to Dosa Hutt. A dosa is an Indian crepe made from rice and lentil flours, stuffed with fillings. Dining out isn't the most responsible thing to do when you've just lost your job, but boy was it tasty. $7 gets you a large enough to share cheese-stuffed dosa and a mango lassi. It's next door to New York City's only Hindu temple, and it's usually busy.

I hit my favorite produce stand today. Everything they sell is $1/bowl, and their selection changes daily. Today's find was a half dozen little donut peaches. They're ripening on the counter now.

Friday, July 26, 2013

In Which I Got Laid Off

Last Friday was my final day at work. My former employer is downsizing, and I was among those laid off. It's taken me about a week to some to grips with this, since I've never before lost a job.

I think there's been enough crying, sulking, ice cream and self-indulgent nonsense now. Effective immediately, I slashed expenses to the bone, filed for unemployment and started dusting off my resume. Between my husband's income and my UI, we'll come out  few hundred dollars ahead every month. We paid off my student loans and have no more debt. Beyond that, we have seven months of living expenses in the bank. I am hell bent on getting another job within 12 weeks. I keep telling myself everything will be fine.

I'm trying to view this as the kick in the pants I need to get a job that suits me better and to get more freelance clients. In the mean time, I'm thankful for my husband, our savings and for the opportunity to move my career forward. I'm luckier than most people. I just need to remember that.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Year's Resolution Update

Time for the quarterly new year's resolution checkup.

2013 Goals

1. Meet financial goal.
Met and substantially exceeded, thanks to the windfall! The target goal amount has now been revised substantially upward. We've met 87% of the revised goal and are on track to meet it by the end of the year.

2. Go cold sheep. Like cold turkey, only for yarn.
I bought two cones of wool and a couple skeins of a merino-angora blend. Bad girl, so this one was a failure.

3. Buy no more than one article of clothing per paycheck.
The red and blue floral wrap dresses were returned, so that would be 6 articles of clothing, to which I added 1 sundress, 2 pairs of black sandals, a pair of black flats and 2 skirts. That puts me at 12 pieces for the year, which is right on track. Go me!

In other news, I've seriously slashed my sugar intake and adopted a paleoish diet, with fantastic results. I'm thinner, have more energy and less joint pain, but it's been less than a month, so the jury is still out.