Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stick to Houseplants

When I was younger, my mother spent a lot of time trying to teach me to think before I spoke. As I was reminded today, these lessons mostly failed.

I texted our landlord about three things:

1. We had booked tickets to return to CodeMonkey's home country, we would be gone for two weeks, and would pay the rent and lock up before we left.

2. I was in the market for a cleaning lady, and did he know anyone who was interested?

3. We were considering getting a pet, and would he allow us to have one or two cats?

Let me preface this by saying my landlord is well within his rights to refuse any and all pet requests. He's a very nice landlord and it's ultimately his apartment. 

He refused the cat, suggesting that a cat would be dirty, inconvenient, and too time consuming. In hindsight, I should not have asked these questions at the same time, as they gave the impression that we we slovenly jet setters who wished to introduce some house cats into an already precarious situation.

In reality, we rarely travel. (No joke, this will be the first time I see my in-laws in person.) I am a neat person, I just hate cleaning and would rather not vacuum than buy anything else. And I grew up with cats and realize that they need quie a bit of care.

I should have listened to my mother more. Think before you speak.

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