Monday, August 13, 2012

I think I'm cursed

At my last job, I had three computers break on me in about 6 months. Granted, the computers were from 2004 which is 90 or something in computer years, but that didn't help me much. I became known as "the girl who breaks computers." I'm not sure my former coworkers were thrilled when the company bought me a bread new desktop after the third computer failure. But the failures stopped after that.

So I started a new job today. It was going well! My supervisor complimented me on something I did! My coworkers were friendly! The work was right up my alley! Basically, life was going swimmingly, and I went to write and e-mail and got the blue screen of death.

On the bright side, I met my colleagues in the IT department! I suspect we're going to be great friends.

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