Sunday, August 19, 2012


I have managed to contract something streppy and snotty. This happens every time I start a new job, which just seems unfair.

This little episode has reminded me that we really ought to finish setting up CodeMonkey's office. Right now, he uses our bed as an office, which is fine until I am sick and he's preparing for a performance of La Traviata I dislike opera at the best of times, but it's particularly heinous when ill.

Since we are going to live here a few years, and might actually have some money for these sort of things, I've started making a list of things I'd like to acquire for the house, which is mostly furnished in IKEA and handmedowns.

A chair for CodeMonkey's desk
Height expanders for our Billy bookcases, so I can eliminate the awful handmedown bookcase that matches nothing
A COUCH Right now I can offer our guests the chair or the bed.
Bar stools, so we can actually eat in our kitchen like civilized people, instead of sitting, one of us in the chair, one in the ottoman, in the living room.
A spice rack. I've seen nifty magnetic ones. Right now I have to rummage through a cabinet for the right bottle. Which is annoying.
A decent blender. My last one died from too much smoothie action. Apparently only the really high end blenders can handle frequent frozen fruit smoothies.
A little console table for inside the door. Our keys/wallets end up piled on the kitchen counter which makes me twitch OMG. I think IKEA sells some shelves I could bolt table legs to. The space I have is tiny; most tables on the market seem too big.
Some kind of display for my china figurines. Right now they're in a box.

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