Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekly Goals 1/14

I'm sure my dear readers all two of them have been waiting with baited breath for updates on my weekly goals. Not. Anyway.

Weekly Goals

1. Finish 3 books.
FAIL. I spent the week slogging through Little Men. I have this crazy idea that, once I start a book, I'm obligated to finish it. Little Men lacks most of the charm of the first book in the series, and I plodded through what is a relatively short book. And I still have 20% of it left. I've resolved to go no further with it. Life is too short for bad books.

2. Knit 50 grams on sweater.
FAIL. I think I managed 10 grams, but my left wrist is becoming steadily less messed=up, so hopefully I can ramp this up this week.

3. Finish skein on CodeMonkey's sock.
FAIL. I'm avoiding the sock because I need to rip back a ton and redo the heel. It's not helping that CodeMonkey isn't around much, so I don't have his feet handy for fittings.

4. Make packing list for upcoming business trip.
WIN! I actually did this! Go me! (Low standards: I have them.)

5. Go to bed by 11 each night.
FAIL. Not even close. Some nights CodeMonkey didn't get home until past them and I wanted to stay up and see him. Some nights I just couldn't be arsed to go to bed on time. Fail, fail, fail.

Weekly Goals
1. Finish 2 books.
2. Finish current skein on sweater.
3. Finish skein on CodeMonkey's sock.
4. Go to bed by 11 5 nights this week.
5. Cook dinner 5 nights this week.
6. Call my in-laws on Sunday.

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