Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Goals

Since it's a new year, I'd like to get back in line with setting goals. With that in mind, here's what I'm shooting for this year:

2013 Goals

1. Meet financial goal. In the interests of privacy, I'll keep the amount to myself, but we are looking to increase our net worth by a certain amount. Will check in monthly with progress

2. Go cold sheep. Like cold turkey, only for yarn. I have more than enough yarn and need to knit it up, not buy more. I can still buy patterns and supplies like needles as needed.

3. Buy no more than one article of clothing per paycheck. That would be 24 pieces in the year. I've been increasingly frustrated with the shoddy quality of most store merchandise, and would like to focus on buying better, not more items. This coming month, I'm looking to buy shoes, as well as a length of fabric to take to a dressmaker for a custom shirtdress.

January Goals

1. Finish one pair of socks for CodeMonkey. We are trying to develop a pattern for socks to fit his unusual feet (size 8 5E). It's slow and frustrating, but he's going to need a whole wardrobe of these in time.

2. Lose 3 more pounds, down to 151 lbs.

3. Meet 1/12 of net worth goal.

4. Finish lace yoke sweater.

5. Read 10 books.

This Week's Goals

1. Read 2 books.

2. Finish first skein of CodeMonkey's socks.

3. Knit one skein of lace yoke sweater.

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