Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Sundries

I knit a pair of socks:

Yarn: Loops and Threads Luxury Sock
Needle: Size 0
Pattern: Gusset Heel Basic Socks, by Wendy Johnson

Thoughts: It's not a trick of the light, those socks are two different colors, despite being from the same dye lot. At the top of the right sock, you can see that there's an dyeing error in the striping pattern. My mother will be happy to take these as socks, since her store has concrete floors and she wears wool socks daily in the winter, but I think they're dreadful.

This is why I love my neighborhood:

Two onions, two carrots, one golden melon, four potatoes and six pluots for $5. Everything is gone now, save for the melon (tomorrow's snack) and potatoes (part of tomorrow's lunch and dinner). Perhaps a few too many root vegetables for midsummer, but they were cheap and I didn't have enough pocket change to grab the broccoli that was $0.48/pound.

I made bread again. Every time I turn around, we're out of bread. I suspect it's the malicious elves again. Those are the same ones that generate all the laundry, right?

I bought white chocolate, since CodeMonkey requested his favorite cookies in lieu of a birthday cake. White chocolate was $3.04 for four ounces at Target. Yeowch. I bought a half dozen bags of Trader Joe's seasonal white chocolate chips when they had them at Christmas, and I should have bought triple that. Lesson learned.

I'm trying to stay focused on job-hunting rather than entering a despair filled spiral of "I AM UTTERLY UNEMPLOYABLE AND NOONE LIKES ME." That would not be productive.

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