Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Sundries: The Days Are Long, The Years Are Short

The Mid-Autumn festival is approaching, and posters for mooncakes are starting to appear.

I can't quite believe that a year ago, I was eating mooncakes in Malaysia with my in-laws. We'd just moved to New York; I'd started a new job and CodeMonkey was offered a short-term contract in Malaysia, so he somehow convinced his employer to let him take enough vacation days to fly over and see his family.

A year later, neither of us have the same jobs, we've committed to another year in NYC, and I can't believe this much time has past. The days are long, but the years are short. It's been five years since I met CodeMonkey, four years since I finished college, and three years since I got married. I'm turning 25 in November. When did time start racing by?

I also found an auntie who has super detailed cooking videos on YouTube. If you've ever wanted to make amazing Cantonese food, but didn't have a grandmother to teach you, I'd start here, perhaps with the seasonally appropriate mooncakes? They're on my to-do list.


  1. Totally agree. Mr. PoP was asked today how long he had known me and his first answer was way wrong. "5 years?" Nope. Try 12. So old!

    1. Did you guys meet in college too? I met my husband when I was 19, which was the last thing I was expecting.