Saturday, April 27, 2013

Purse Accident Avoided

Wht, you've never had a handbag related accident?

Last winter, I splurged on a Coach purse, wallet and gloves. They're beautiful pieces; I'm still thrilled with them, and I expect to carry them for years to come. (I'd better, at what they cost!)

Somewhere in all this purchasing, I gave Coach my phone number and address. I've been receiving mailers from them regularly, which I dutifully discarded. Last week, a sales rep called me, inviting me to check out their new spring collection and sale.

I checked out their website. BAD IDEA. They have released pieces in this stunning dark purple, my absolute favorite color, ever. I was seized with immediate bag lust. I put down the computer. I walked away. I showed them to my husband, who unhelpfully loved the pieces.

Then I heard it. The voice of Mr. Money Mustache. Yes, I have a personal finance blogger living in my brain. I realized that one $300 handbag is a silly extravagance; multiples are absurd. I noticed that none of the bags were in sizes or shapes I enjoyed carrying, unlike my current bag. I calculated the amount of principal required to generate returns sufficient to cover the cost of a new bag. And I closed the web page.

Given the speed with which Coach cycles in new colors and removes the old ones, if I can hang on for just eight more weeks, the bags will no longer be for sale and I will have escaped.


  1. MMM is awesome, isn't he? That guy has had a tremendous influence on me lately.

    1. I'm happy to have found him. I'd mostly given up on the personal finance blogosphere, because straight up "rewash your Ziploc bags to save money!" blogs get really old, really fast, and everyone else blogging seems to be digging out from a mountain of bad decision debt, which I find unrepeatable. The ER bloggers are awesome.